Best friend. My other part.

The perfect shorts

I've been a busy bee lately. Lots and lots to do and so little time. But I'll make sure to make some time for creativity and the
blog. But for now; my new and wonderful shorts (love em, love em, love em)...Gotta run!

Summer sweetness

I drew this one during a sleepless night in Thailand. Not all reasons for insomnia has to be tragic or sad, I simply couldn't sleep. I think I was to happy and exited. Me and my friend had just arrived that same day to a wonderful and idyllic fishing town. We got to see the tourist part of Thailand too but even thought it's beautiful and worm nothing beats the genuine part of the country. I think I'll show you some pictures some day soon. In one word: INCREDIBLE.

I'm dead tierd but I just wanted to say gnight (I hope my fishlips kiss is OK... Haha.)

Three meetings today. Puuuuh.... Tomorrow we continue. I'm hunting! G'night!

If you don't try, you will never succeed

I'm making plans and I really do hope that they turn out as I want them to. I need this. It would make me happy.
But for now I'll just smile while playing with my thousand thoughts, plans and wishes. Somehow it will all be ok.

Kiss n' hug!


The spring is taking little steps forward and I'm loving it! This winter has been too damn long
and my skin is craving lots and lots of sun.


Haha it's so CHEESY but whatever, I'll publish it anyway.


A little something I whipped together.

Amanda berg

The very fabulous, Amanda Berg.

Hot chick.

It's really annoying when you draw something, photograph it and it just loses too much shadows and details.
But I guess both me and you will have to learn to live with it, right?


I've been with B-friend, thereof the lack of update. But no worries, I'm back on track. Kiss n' tell!