Sometimes I love to draw without any thought what so ever. Fill the blank space with a lot of small stuff that don't make any
logic when put next to each other irl but that have a nice flow on paper. Right now I'm half way trough and the plan is not to
leave anything empty. I'll get back to you when it's done.


“Remember, if you smoke after sex you're doing it too fast.”

Train wreck

I have two big meetings to go to but because of the crappy weather I'm stuck. And irritated. Today I am giving a big fat minus to the damn trains and this ice cold weather. GIVE ME A BREAK.


Block on block. Color on color.

Self portrait

Simplicity and color. That's all you really need.


I draw this as a birthday present for a friend. Location: his wall.

You could take me in for us, Make me a deal, A day apiece, Take it off, just stay a week

Now this is some SEXY music. I'm loving the sound.


Följ min blogg med bloglovin

So black and white looks the best after all. Plain and simple. I like it. (Klick here to go to Lisas blog.)

17 FEB.

Drawing a blogger. Can't deside if I should paint it or just let it be. Less is more?

To sleep or not to sleep

My roomie wants to look at a movie but I think that the screaming sound that I hear is my bed yelling at me to go and lay down and fall into a sweet dream. 1 am. I think the bed is right. That's the logical thing to do. But on the other hand - when have I ever ben logical? Friends, it's movie time. I'll do the sleep thing later.


This is my third blog. The thing is, that my main purpose, this time around is to... Inspire? Yeah, that's how I would like to put it. xoxo.